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Estate & Wealth Transfer

Individual and Family Plans
Individuals and families often have very clear and specific intentions about how their wealth should be transferred or distributed. Unfortunately, whether the transfer is for family, charity or someone else, best-laid plans often do not reflect the most recent changes with regard to wealth, family situation and/or the tax code. At Wellspring, because we are so familiar with our clients’ financial situation and estate objectives, we can help ensure the appropriate distribution of our clients’ wealth. We work with our clients’ existing estate attorney and help oversee the administration of their estate. Our goal is to help maximize the transfer of wealth to whomever our clients intend, in the way in which they intend.

Multi-generational Plans
Wellspring can also coordinate estate and wealth transfer plans across multiple generations. We stress the importance of family communication as a key ingredient to any successful plan. Our involvement with the family can foster stronger and more productive communications among the generations, as well as with the family’s trustees.

Wellspring’s estate and wealth transfer services are coordinated with your estate attorney and include:

  • Assistance with the design and implementation of wealth transfer plans, including family and philanthropic distribution techniques
  • Periodic reviews of estate tax projections, flowcharts and estate documents to ensure objectives continue to be met
  • Selection of and ongoing oversight of trustees (individual or institutional)
  • Administration and compliance for nonprofit entities, private foundations, charitable trusts and estates