Risk Management

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Risk Management

Wellspring assists clients in identifying, assessing and managing risks. We will help in the development, implementation and ongoing review of a risk management plan.  While we do not anticipate the development of a plan that will hold our clients harmless from every event possible, careful planning should mitigate some of the inherent risk that comes with considerable wealth. We will also carefully weigh the opportunity costs versus risk management and balance this comparison into our analysis. We believe in a merit-based system for selecting agents and products and we work to align our clients with the appropriate choices. We do not sell products and we do not benefit in any way when clients purchase the products we might recommend.

Wellspring’s risk management services include:

  • Periodic reviews of existing insurance policies (including life, disability, liability, excess liability, health, long-term care and property/casualty)
  • Analysis to determine appropriate amounts of coverage as situations change
  • Health insurance planning, including assistance selecting Medicare coverage and any necessary supplemental coverage
  • Implementation of measures to safeguard assets and personal information from outside parties, as well as to identity theft prevention
  • Education and implementation of prenuptial agreements or use of trusts for protection of childrens’ assets
  • Review of and implementation of measures to insulate assets from creditors’ claims